We'd love to help with your water mitigation and restoration needs.

Although Volker Waterproofing, LLC, specializes in vertical and below-grade water mitigation services, our expertise is not limited to a single type of service. We can design and facilitate a repair protocol to fit any building construction from historical to new construction. We have a proven reputation in the industry as experts in identifying leak locations, engineering solutions, and facilitating repairs. We have the staffing capacity to provide full exterior restoration services or caulk a single window for your mom’n’em. We value the customer experience and want to develop a relationship that will grow for years to come.
Our family has a combined working knowledge of nearly 80 years and a legacy of three generations. A family business and natural New Orleanians, we would not be here today without the reputation and relationships we have made through the years, which is a testament to our stability in the industry.
Preferred Partner of New Orleans Real Producers

Volker Waterproofing, LLC is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.