Volker Waterproofing is a third-generation family business that specializes in above and below grade water mitigation services.

We are experts in identifying leak locations, engineering solutions, and facilitating repairs.

The family has been serving New Orleans since 1945 with a handed down knowledge that spans three-generations. We specialize in historical restoration and preservation of this city’s most time-honored structures. We provide an honest, straightforward approach when identifying and mitigating water intrusion issues.

Our team of experienced professionals have years of expertise in design & planning, sustainability consulting and project management.

Cleaning the surface of the roof and wall to find a water leak
Residential roof repairing water damage
Mitigating and repairing pool leak
Cleaning graffiti off a building
Sealing countertop inside auditorium​
Applying sealant
Repairing public bathroom leak
Repairing baptism tank at a church
Drainage work
Repairing chimney leak